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Our story


Your neighbourhood Pot shop in Fernie BC

Stick & Stone Cannabis Co. is more than just a cannabis retail store. It is a place for the community to come together, celebrate inclusiveness, educate, feel inspired and for being your best.

We’re passionate about helping people tap into the potential of one of the world’s oldest plants. Grown and used worldwide for thousands of years, cannabis is finally legally available here in Canada – and we can’t wait to connect people with this plant.

Our Values


We put people over profits by providing a judgement-free environment strongly inspired by mindfulness.


We are focused on creating a positive experience by transferring our knowledge to all of our customers.




We adhere to legislation and government policies at every level. 


We care about the planet and go above and beyond to source quality products from trusted innovative suppliers who are focused on sustainable cannabis production.


We are focused on contributing to our community by collaborating with fellow local businesses and non-profits to create positive change and growth.

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The team at Stick & Stone is passionate about helping every visitor to our store have a great judgement-free experience. 

We love sharing knowledge and good vibes. 

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Dennis Stick & Stone Founder
James Budtender


Dennis is the foundation of Stick and Stone Cannabis. Raising his family in Fernie for more than a decade, he was determined to create a safe space for people to share their common passion for a truly beautiful plant. Stick and stone is what happens when a dreamer dares to dream.

From Saskatchewan, Dennis has called Fernie home since 2002. He enjoys family time, the outdoors and good friends.

His favourite cannabis product is: Freshly pressed rosin consumed in an E-rig.

His specialty is: Creating connections and customer service.

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Spencer lays the foundations for research and planning for every product Stick & Stone brings into the store. He appreciates Cannabis on all levels and tries to bring in a wide selection, helping people find the product that's right for them.  Spencer is a vigorous proponent of removing the stigma of cannabis to propel it forward positively. 

Originally from Manitoba, Spencer moved to Fernie in 2010. He loves growing, consuming and, most of all, smoking quality cannabis. 


His favourite cannabis product is: Indica Flower

His specialty is: High Flower, bongs and good deals.

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Stef's passion and growth with the cannabis plant is just sprouting and continues to flourish.  

Steff is an entrepreneur herself with an apparel business and clothing line called Feed the Crocs. Do us a favour and have a gander.  

Stick & Stone fabricates all their merchandise in-house so Steff's skillset is mad respected.

She always has her partner in crime at her side who is her pooch Atlas who always welcomes our valued customer at the door with a hearty smile and a wag!!

Her favourite cannabis product is:

God Damn Good Weed but thoroughly enjoys dabs for daze!!

Her specialty is: Cultivating a creative flair with all that she touches and is a part of. 



David brings a background of many many years of customer service like no other. His calm collected demeanour is such an asset and he always will take the time to make sure our customers questions are explained to their understanding. David's positive attitude and hard work is very much appreciated by all.


Originally from Hungary but made his way to Canada. David and his family now call Fernie home a. 


His favourite cannabis product is:

Quality BC craft cannabis


His specialty is: evaluating cannabis quality, understanding customers' needs and sharing knowledge.

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