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5 Mothers Day Gifts for the Cannabis Lover

With Mothers Day just around the corner, we wanted to make sure you Cannabis lover or curious explorer in your life gets a sneaky little adult treat with their macaroni necklace. While we believe you are never too old to give your parents, parental figure, partner, friend, or yourself a macaroni necklace as a gift on Mothers Day, we hope this list inspires your May 8th planning.

Here are 5 Cannabis products that we love to give on Mothers Day!

1. Stewart Farms - Bath Bombs-(Blue dream, Chocolate Hashberry, or Bubba Kush)- $11

Relaxing with a bath is a treat for any parent. Bath bombs from Stewart Farms help increase relaxation and make that kid-free bath even more rewarding. With several scents to choose from, you can't go wrong with this discreet gift!

2.Everie - Sparkling SodA with 10mg CBD -$5

Everie’s Dragon Fruit Watermelon CBD Sparkling Beverage was crafted with great taste in mind. A refreshing blend of natural tropical fruit flavours with just a touch of sweetness. Best served chilled or over ice. Each drink is infused with 10mg of CBD and contains only small amounts of THC. This is a great gift for moms who need a little bit of chill in their afternoon.

3. Spinach- SOURZ Peach Orange 1:1 Gummies - $6

Smash a juicy peach into a succulent orange, then blast it with sour crystals. That’s right. We’re talking about a dual-flavoured explosion called Peach Orange SOURZ by Spinach™. These balanced 1:1 THC/CBD soft chews blasted with sour crystals are over-the-top with natural flavours and colours. With 5 big “S” soft chews per pack, this is the perfect gift to enjoy on the sunny days ahead!

4. Sitka - 3 x 0.5g pr Mandiran Cookies- $16

This one-off limited edition batch of Mandarin Cookies is a great gift for the more seasoned cannabis user who is looking to feel energized and creative. Mandarin Cookies is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created by crossing the classic Cookies X Mandarin Sunset strains. Vegged to perfection, this beautiful bud was in flower for nine weeks, hang-dried for three weeks, and cured for one.

5. Sweetgrass - Mint Chocolate Chip 3.5g - $43

Mint Chocolate Chip is a perfectly balanced hybrid consisting of equal parts Sativa and Indica. The dense, resin-laden buds are packed with a unique and rich herbaceous aroma that exudes a certain skunkiness when broken open. Notes of cool mint and subtle chocolate become more apparent when the flower is combusted making for a smooth smoke that finishes with a slight tang on the exhale.

The high comes on quickly and can be a potent motivator. Energetic and clear, the effects can help focus the mind while grounding the body in a level of relaxation that trends towards the more sedate as time passes. With a number of positive mental and physical benefits reported by users, Mint Chocolate Chip is a highly versatile strain that will readily appeal to a diverse selection of people on both solo and social ventures.

If you need some help finding the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one this Mothers Day do not hesitate to head into Stick & Stone and ask one of our lovely staff for suggestions!

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