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12 Best Cannabis Lover Stocking Stuffers For Under $20

It feels like we just blinked and suddenly it was the holiday season again!! With another challenging year almost complete we hope to take some stress out of your holiday season by helping you find the perfect gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life.

Here is our pick for the 12 best stocking stuffer gifts under $20

1. King Palm-5 pack of Mini Rolls-$6

This pack of mini rolls is made from leaves that are handpicked from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) family. Each leaf is hand-rolled with a pre-installed natural corn husk filter, all you need to do is add your favourite cannabis. King Palm wraps are chemical, preservative, artificial flavour, GMO and glue-free.

2. Beeline-9ft Organic Hemp Wick - $3

Butane can be harmful that is why this beeswax and hemp alternative is a great gift for the fire starter in your life.

3. "Dope" Stick & Stone stickers - $5

Who doesn't love a fun sticker?! These hand-crafted beauties are great stocking stuffers.

4. Zeus Pocket Torch Dual-Flame - $5

This ergonomically designed, refillable torch lighter is a great stocking stuffer for any adult. It glows in the dark and has a non-slip grip so it is great for blazing on outdoor adventures or as an addition to your emergency kit.

5. Randys- Bristle Pipe Cleaners- $3

These heavy-duty pipe cleaners are 100% unbleached cotton and great for keeping your apparatus clear of debris.

6. Gear Premium-Micro Dose Inhaler- $3

Clear glass 4" one-hitter that's great for smoking small doses at a time.

7.Zen Zingers- Gummy making Kits-$20

Zen Zingers kits provide the perfect adult holiday activity. Simply combine this kit with your favourite oil and have a sweet afternoon of fun.

8.Exxus-510 Battery Base $15

The Exxus Slim is an auto draw vaporizer which means when you're ready to take a hit, simply put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale. It is rechargable and fits most cartridges.

9. Mouth Peace- Bong Filter $12

Mouth peace filters help reduce resin and tar when smoking as well as providing protection from germs when sharing a bong.

10. Stick & Stone 11/4 rolling papers-$3

Your one-stop pot-shop has some customized rolling papers that make awesome, affordable gifts. You can't go wrong with rolling papers!

11. RYOT- Krypto-Kit Hardshell-$20

The RYOT Krypto-Kit is great for the regular smoker becaause of its portability, odor absorption technology, and optimized storage for smoking accessories. We have the camo case in-store now which is the perfect accessory for the Fernie vibe.

12. Raw-Six Shooter 11/4cone packer -$18

This is a great solution for the joint smoker in your household. Inspired by an old Spanish millstone this cone packer gives you the option to easily fill anywhere from 1-6 cones at any time.

If you are looking for information, ideas or a variety of fun affordable gifts head into our store and chat with a member of our team. We love helping people find the perfect little something for their loved ones!

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