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Share the love for cannabis this holiday season

In our stocking stuffers guide we have picked some of our favourite items from Stick & Stone Cannabis to ensure this holiday will be your most chill ever. For consumers 19+ take a peek at some of our favourite picks.


The SmoKit is the perfect item to get when you have nothing and need everything. It comes with a removable grinder card, a silicone container, a 2” one hitter and poker rod. The whole kit is 2.5” and can fit in any pocket. At $20 this makes for an awesome stocking stuffer for the new smoker or veteran smoker in your life.

Laundry Day Tanjun Pipe

The Tanjun pipe combines beautiful and simple design with functionality. Each pipe has an unglazed feel on the exterior, with a glazed bowl and inside chambers for easy cleaning. This all-white pipe follows suit with a cool yet elemental stepped shape that is not only a chic smoking accessory but doubles as home décor. Price $80

Laundry Day Charlotte Pipe

The Charlotte is a simple on-the-go pipe, with a twist — a ring-shaped central chamber that makes watching your smoke travel through it just a little bit more fun. Each of these pieces are hand blown and will show differences of character from piece to piece. Pack a small single hit or a larger party round in the roomy bowl. Available in a variety of colours. Price $60

Wild Wolves Design Coasters

Discreet in design, these coasters double as functional and are also great conversation starters. Designed by Erika Hornquist from Wild Wolves Design, this art is laser cut on baltic birch plywood & also hand painted. There are 8 designs to choose from. Great for your coffee and buds in the morning.

Pack of 4 coloured $35.

Pack of 4 uncoloured $30

Singles $10

Herb Grinder by Piranha

This little grinder offers high level performance for grinding your herbs with ease. It fluffs your bud up quite nicely and we love that it won’t gum up with lots of use. It’s compact and won't break the bank at $24. Available in black, gun metal grey, green, and lime green.

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