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Happy Dab Day - July 10th

Most people have heard the term 420 and recognize its association with weed, but few have heard about 710 a special day to enjoy concentrates and extracts. The day was chosen in honour of the late Dr. Leopold von Dabowitz (born on July 10, 1939). Dr. Dabowitz was the pioneer of concentrates and extracts, helping people around the world experience a new high and way of consuming. If you are new to concentrates and extracts you may be pondering "how might one partake in experiencing this new high?". Well, it really depends on the product and your preference. For the purpose of celebrating Dr. DABowitz today, we are going to focus on dabbing!

So What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of consumption that allows users to maximize the amount of cannabis used as well as provide rapid relief using a tiny dollop of cannabis extract flash vaporized on an ultra-hot surface.

In order to dab you need the following:

1. Blow Torch

2. Nail (not the type you build with, it's a very specific apparatus)

3. Wand / Dab tool

4. Oil Rig

How To Dab

Step 1: Apply the concentrate to your wand

Now, remember you only need a tiny amount ESPECIALLY if you are new to dabbing (and by tiny we mean a pin head). Unlike other consumption methods, dabbing is much more potent and the product is much more concentrated.

Step 2: Heat the Nail

Use your torch to heat your nail for around 8-10 seconds then turn off the torch.

Step 3: Place concentrate on the nail and inhale slowly

Remember you don't need a lot of concentrate. Place a small amount on the nail, take a seat in case you get light-headed, then inhale very slowly. The effects are very fast and may take you by surprise.

As always we can't stress enough how important it is to start low (as in dose) and go slow. If you have any questions about dabbing or anything else cannabis related the team at Stick & Stone are eager to help.

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