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5 Cannabis Suppliers We Love

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

At Stick & Stone, we take pride in supporting craft businesses and stocking the best quality cannabis. We recognize cannabis is personal, so we make sure we have a little something for everyone, from the most seasoned user to the novice. We love all of our suppliers, so choosing just 5 to showcase was really challenging but here goes...

Here is a list of 5 producers who we can get behind on behalf of our customers. Our list includes a combination of top-notch bud producers and suppliers who provide decent products at a decent price!

1. Doja

Grown in small batches and available exclusively in British Columbia, strains in the Doja Okanagan Grown collection are cultivated using a blend of old-school technique and plant science. We love having this BC exclusive brand in our store and recommend the Cold Creek Kush (pictured below) for those who enjoy high THC and chill vibes!

2. Greybeard Cannabis Co.

This is a great supplier who we stock regularly. They are passionate about quality and use a combination of leading-edge cultivation and processing science from around the world and the growing and formulation practices of past masters. Afghani Drifter (pictured below) is a hybrid with high THC that has become a favourite amongst our regulars.

3. Broken Coast

Broken Coast was started in 2013 on Vancouver Island. They began with humble beginnings as the 4th licensed provider in BC and have since expanded to a 44,000 square foot facility specializing in premium dried flower. We love Broken Coast because they continue to maintain the principles of their craft beginnings and continue to produce some of the finest BC bud!”! Pictured below is Sunset Sherbet, a fruit-forward Indica strain.

4. -NESS

What is your -ness? We love the vibe of this company because it brings us happi-ness!! This vibrant and fun brand focuses on Indica dominant strains. Grown indoors under ideal conditions, this producer ensures each bud is hand-picked and that each strain is produced with the end-user in mind. Pineapple Chunk (pictured below) is a staff favourite.

5. Pure Sunfarms

This BC producer uses a traditional greenhouse approach to grow their signature strains in the Fraser Valley (BC). They combine their 25 years of experience as local farmers with traditional cannabis growing methods to produce a variety of potent and flavourful strains. Pennywise 1:1 (pictured below) is an awesome hybrid option for those who prefer a balanced approach. With equal parts THC: CBD, this is a great choice for infrequent smokers who like a chill vibe. Pink Kush is one we carry on the regular for our users who prefer a high THC Indica.

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